Outputs from programme



  • Head of School Award, Durham University. £855, Mar-17-Mar-17, contact: Duika Burges-Watson
  • Great North Care Record - stakeholder views of data donation, Connected health cities (N8 partnership), £44,000, Apr-17-Mar-18, contact: Rosemary Rushmer
  • NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship, NIHR Fellowship Program. £173,731, May-17-Apr-22, contact: Peter Van der Graff


  • Work-based support for pharmacists, Health Education North East. £5,000, Jan-16-Jul-16, contact: Jonathan Ling
  • Dental antibiotic prescribing audit, Health Education North West. £4,963, Mar-16-Feb-17, contact: Jonathan Ling
  • A Health Needs Assessment exercise of the staff at Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Trust (TEWV) - specific allocation, Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust. £15,094 Mar-16-Jul-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • Wolfson Research Institute small grants scheme, Durham University. £2,620, Mar-16-Jul-16, contact: Shelina Visram
  • Measuring change from alcohol brief interventions, development of a consensus core outcome set, Alcohol Research UK. £59,977, Apr-16-Dec-17, contact: Dothory Newbury-Birch
  • Dept of Health PRP Public Health Research Consortium, Department of Health. £174,913.00, Apr-16-Sep-17, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Wolfson Special Interest Group funding, Wolfson Research Institute, £2,000, May-16-May-17, contact: Duika Burges-Watson
  • Evaluation of the introduction of fully smokefree policies in two North East Foundation NHS Trusts [Northumberland, Tyne and Wear (NTW) & Tees, Esk and Wear Valley (TEWV)] - specific allocation, PHE, NTW and TEWV. £34,500 May-16-Dec-17 Janet Shucksmith
  • A Text message Intervention to support MEdicines adherence mobiLised though community pharmacY (TIMELY), NIHR Doctoral Fellowship. £281,156, Sep-16-Jun-22, contact: Jonathan Ling
  • Cross site evaluation of integrated wellness services in the north east of England, Public Health England. £25,000, Sep-16-Feb-18, contact: Rosemary Rushmer
  • Evaluation of the North East Vanguard Programmes, NHS. £168,570, Oct-16-May-17, contact: David Hunter
  • Smoke-Free Mental Health Services – North of England - Scoping Exercise, Public Health England. £5,000 Dec-16-Dec-17 Janet Shucksmith


  • Northumbria University HEIF funding. Outreach programme implementation decision making tree January-May 2015 (principal investigator), University of Northumbria £2,954, Jan-15-May-15, contact: Monique Lhussier
  • Evaluation of Community Agents' Programme - Specific allocation, Redcar and Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency. £3,000 Apr-15-Aug-15 Janet Shucksmith
  • Evaluation of a Fairer Start, an early years intervention to improve cognitive, social and emotional development, speech, language and nutrition in children from conception to age 3 - specific allocation, NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-On-Tees CCG and Stockton Borough Council £51,000 May-15-May-18 Janet Shucksmith
  • Evaluation of a Fairer Start, Catalyst North East. £56,000, Aug-15-Jul-18, contact: Rosemary Rushmer
  • Embedded Research to explore how local authorities can support local communities to encourage health in children and tackle childhood obesity, Gateshead Council, £110,000, Aug-15-Sep-17, contact: Rosemary Rushmer
  • Social Value assessment of a specialist training intervention for those in contact with the deaf blind community - specific allocation, SCENE. £30,000 Aug-15-Mar-17 Janet Shucksmith
  • Evaluation of a Wrap Around Service for Vulnerable older adults, Durham Dales Health Foundation. £10,020, Sep-15-Aug-16, contact: Monique Lhussier
  • Supporting look after children aged 12 -20 in decreasing risky substance use and improving mental health, Public Health Research (PHR) Programme £11,000 Sep-15-Feb-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • Public health research funding, Durham County Council. £150,000, Sep-15-Feb-17, contact: Shelina Visram
  • Development of a model to assess the social value of independent living for elderly and vulnerable clients - specific allocation, Coast and Country Housing £20,000 Oct-15-Feb-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • Scoping exercise to look at trends in mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 14-19, patterns of service provision and identification of best bet interventions - specific allocation, Association of North East Councils through the Institute of Local Governance (ILG) £40,000 Nov-15-Oct-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • EPSRC Digital Economy Research Centre, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), £451,357.00, Nov-15-Oct-20, contact: Ashley Adamson


  • Health and Social Care Volunteer Fund: Change Your Mind about Young People, Department of Health £6,000, Jan-14-Jun-15, contact: Mandy Cheetham
  • PhD Awards for Improvement Science, Health Foundation, PhD Awards for Improvement Science, Health Foundation. £280,000, Jan-14-Jan-18, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • Prioritizing service improvement through research, Newcastle West and Newcastle East and Central Clinical Commissioning Group, Research Capability Funding. £63,002, Jan-14-Dec-15, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • SPHR Evaluation Guidance, School for Public Health Research (SPHR) £42,353.00, Apr-14-Mar-15, contact: Jean Adams
  • Evaluation of how public health practitioners view and engage with research, NIHR/SPHR. £41,000 Apr-14-Dec-15 Janet Shucksmith
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), £4,707,329.00, Apr-14-Mar-19, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Higher Education Innovation Fund, Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), £2,940,  May-14-Jul-14, contact: Natalie Forster
  • The Children's Foundation Child Health Research Programme, The Children's Foundation. £15,000 Jun-14-May-15
  • AskFuse: UR Choice research, Bradford Metropolitan District Council. £30,000, Jun-14-Jun-17, contact: Mandy Cheetham
  • Child health research programme 2013-14, The Children's Foundation. £14,86,2 Jun-14-May-15, contact: Shelina Visram
  • Evaluation of Ur Choice school relationships and sex education programme - Specific allocation, Bradford Metropolitan District Council £30,000 Nov-14-Sep-17 Janet Shucksmith


  • Workplace Health Needs Assessment - Specific Allocation, Middlesbrough Borough Council. £42,400 Jul-13-Apr-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • Public health research funding, Durham County Council.  £16,795, Jul-13-Jun-16, contact: Shelina Visram
  • Evaluation of the Vital Health Volunteers scheme to recruit volunteers to support elderly and vulnerable clients - Specific allocation, Tees Valley Rural Community Council. £20,000 Sep-13-Mar-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • Transforming the ‘foodscape’: development and feasibility testing of interventions to promote healthier take-away, pub or restaurant food, NIHR/SPHR. £446,646, Oct-13-Dec-16, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • NIHR Research Design Service North East, NIHR.  £5,011,816, Oct-13-Sep-18, contact: Falko Sniehotta


  • FSA Scotland (INTAKE24), Food Standards Agency Scotland. £629,040.00, Jan-12-Feb-14, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Overcoming Barriers to High Quality Care in Diabetes through Professional Behaviour Change, i-QUAD-2, Diabetes UK. £381,506, Jan-12-Jan-15, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • Good practice on brief interventions to address alcohol use disorders in primary health care, workplace health services, emergency care and social services, European Commission. £25,369, Jan-12-Jan-15, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • NIHR School for Public Health Research (Fuse component), School for Public Health Research (SPHR,) £2,150,000, Jan-12-Jan-17, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • SPHR 1 NIHR    Apr-12 Mar-17
  • NIHR SPHR, UK Clinical Research Collaboration. £2,113,676.00, Apr-12-Mar-17, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Improving Diabetes prescribing, Examining and Advising (IDEA) trial, Diabetes UK. £381,506, Aug-12-Jul-15, contact: Justin Presseau
  • Shifting the gravity of spending? Exploring methods for supporting public health commissioners in priority-setting to improve population health and address health inequalities, NIHR SPHR, £245,628, Nov-12-May-15, contact: David Hunter




  • Optimizing Delivery of Health Care Interventions – ODHIN, European Commission. £3,867,247, Jan-10-Dec-14, contact: Eileen Kaner