Fuse is directed by Ashley Adamson (pictured), Professor of public health nutrition at Newcastle University. Carolyn Summerbell, Principal of John Snow College and Professor of Human Nutrition and Rosemary Rushmer, Professor in Knowledge Exchange & Public Health are deputy directors.

Fuse employs academic staff across the five universities, as well as a support team including a Centre Manager, Communications Officer and Askfuse Research Manager. We also employ research staff, supported by research grant income, who are based at all five universities and have a PhD student network. In addition, Fuse has over 200 Associate Members across the universities and policy and practice partner organisations in the North East.

The day-to-day work of Fuse is overseen by a centre management group (CMG), with associate directors at each of the five North East universities and a research strategy group (RSG), with research programme leads and deputies. Strategic direction is managed by a centre strategy board (CSB), which includes five independent scientific and policy advisors and is independently chaired by Professor Peter Kelly, Director of Public Health for Stockton

Fuse has a number of other groups, which help manage specific functions. These include a:

  • Communications Group
  • Knowledge Exchange Group

There are dedicated academic leads for capacity building and Public and Practitioner Involvement.

More information about the Fuse governance can be found on the 'About' Section.