Translational Research

Generating evidence through research does not guarantee its take-up. The public health evidence-base is patchy, may be contested, and is often heavily modified by context and circumstances. This brings specific challenges for researchers, as research evidence (produced through a systematic and robust research process) is often not fully taken into account in decision-making. There are many opportunities for practice, policy and academe to work more closely together.  The programme aims to: explore what translational activities work under what conditions; develop methods to explore these issues; inform theory; and work with policy and practice partners in the NHS, local and regional government and other public, private and voluntary organisations to facilitate evidence-informed practice and policy, and practice and policy informed research agendas.

We will build a portfolio of translational projects that look at the push, pull, exchange and sharing of knowledge (of all kinds) across professional, organsational and sector boundaries.  We assume that a blend of professional know-how and research evidence will help make the most of contextual opportunities for impacting on the public’s health.

The programme objectives are to:

  • Examine the range of approaches to knowledge exchange (KE) currently used, to discover how and why KE may work in certain circumstances, and assess any impact on practice.
  • Understand the successful mechanisms, and the ‘active ingredients’ in translational processes.
  • Work with policy and practice partners to facilitate evidence-informed policy and practice, and a more policy and practice informed research agenda.
  • Provide expertise and capacity to develop and sustain AskFuse: the responsive research and evaluation service for public health, which will provide a source of researchable translational case studies.
  • Create opportunities to bring together academics, practitioners and policy-makers in discussion to build relationships and provide the foundation for collaborative work.

The activities of the Translational Research programme are supported by:

Fuse Knowledge Exchange Impact & Collaboration Strategy PDF 542Kb

Fuse Knowledge Exchange, Impact and Collaboration Strategy

Translational Research Q&A resource PDF 361Kb

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Programme Investigators

  • Dr Peter van der Graaf - AskFuse research manager, Teesside University
  • Dr Duika Burges-Watson - Principal Investigator, Durham University
  • Sarit Carlebach - Associate Member, Teesside University
  • Dr Mandy Cheetham - Programme Research Associate, Teesside University
  • Dr Louisa Ells - Principal Investigator, Teesside University
  • Professor David Hunter - Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University
  • Dr Monique Lhussier - Principal Investigator, Northumbria University
  • Mrs Karen McCabe - Programme PhD student/Research Associate, University of Sunderland
  • Professor Greg Rubin - Principal Investigator, Newcastle University
  • Mark Welford - Fuse Communications Officer, Teesside University