Outputs from programme



  • Conference Presentation Bursary, School of Life Sciences, Northumbria University £145 Aug-17-Aug-17 Mark Parkinson


  • Alcohol licensing, Public Health England. £28,878, Feb-16-Jul-16, contact: Jonathan Ling
  • New Life, New You ' 2, Middlesbrough Environment City. £7,000, Feb-16-Mar-18, contact: Linda Penn
  • NUIA Management and data administration systems to facilitate delivery and evaluation of community based interventions with multiple providers, Newcastle University. £9,014, Apr-16-Jun-17, contact: Linda Penn
  • Dept of Health PRP Public Health Research Consortium Department of Health, £174,913.00, Apr-16 Sep-17, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Life chances across the life course: the roots of social mobility across future generations, Newcastle University Institute for Social Renewal and Institute for Ageing, £14,972, Apr-16-May-17, contact: Suzanne Moffatt
  • Management and data administration systems to facilitate delivery and evaluation of community based interventions with multiple providers, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing, £9,014, Apr-16-Mar-17, contact: Linda Penn
  • Can social prescribing maintain improved health among older chronically ill people, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing. £9,887, May-16-Sep-17, contact: Suzanne Moffatt
  • Ways to Wellness: feasibility study of the impact of a social prescribing intervention, NIHR School for Public Health Research Public Health Practitioner Evaluation Scheme. £51,609, Jul-16-Mar-17, contact: Suzanne Moffatt
  • Inequalities in Later Life – a scoping review, Centre for Ageing Better. £48,950, Sep-16-Mar-17, contact: Suzanne Moffatt
  • Pump Priming funding, Fuse Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, £2,018, Oct-16-Sep-17, contact: Natalie Forster


  • Deafblindness awareness, SCENE. £29,980, Mar-15-Sep-16, contact: Jonathan Ling
  • Evaluation of a Wrap Around Service for Vulnerable older adults, Durham Dales Health Foundation. £10,020, Sep-15-Aug-16, contact: Monique Lhussier
  • Development of a model to assess the social value of independent living for elderly and vulnerable clients - specific allocation, Coast and Country Housing £20,000 Oct-15-Feb-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • EPSRC Digital Economy Research Centre Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), £451,357.00, Nov-15-Oct-20, contact: Ashley Adamson


  • Sheltered accommodation, South Tyneside Homes. £25,663, Jan-14-Feb-15, contact: Jonathan Ling
  • SPHR Evaluation Guidance, School for Public Health Research (SPHR), £42,353.00, Apr-14-Mar-15, contact: Jean Adams
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), £4,707,329.00, Apr-14-Mar-19, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • CRUK emergency presentation, Cancer Research UK. £343,757.00, Jun-14-May-17, contact: Jean Adams
  • Arthritis in Care Homes (ARCH study) establishing the needs of formal carers, The JGW Patterson Foundation. £24,139, Jun-14-May-15, contact: Suzanne Moffatt
  • Ageing well: an integrated public health approach to optimise health in older age groups, NIHR SPHR, £3,024,209, Oct-14-Mar-17, contact: Martin White


  • Evaluation of the Vital Health Volunteers scheme to recruit volunteers to support elderly and vulnerable clients - Specific allocation, Tees Valley Rural Community Council. £20,000 Sep-13-Mar-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • NIHR Research Design Service North East, NIHR, £5,011,816, Oct-13-Sep-18, contact: Falko Sniehotta
  • Arthritis Research UK CIMA: A systematic review of the effect of lifestyle interventions on musculoskeletal function in older adults: which behaviour change techniques are most effective? Medical Research Council (MRC), £28,662, Nov-13-Oct-14, contact: Falko Sniehotta


  • FSA Scotland (INTAKE24) Food Standards Agency Scotland, £629,040.00, Jan-12-Feb-14, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Arthritis Research UK: Centre for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) Medical Research Council (MRC), £550,000, Jan-12-Dec-17, contact: Falko Sniehotta
  • SPHR 1 NIHR, Apr-12-Mar-17, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • NIHR SPHR, UK Clinical Research Collaboration. £2,113,676.00, Apr-12-Mar-17, contact: Ashley Adamson




  • MRC – Livewell, Medical Research Council (MRC), £2,196,724.00, Mar-10-Feb-15, contact: Ashley Adamson





  • Crosland, A., Lock, C.A., Wilson, G., Ling, J., Smith, K., Kaner, E.F.S. 2011. Alcohol use in later life. Public Service Review: UK Science& Technology, 3.

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