Outputs from programme



  • Durham County Council/Fuse/Institute of Health & Society Newcastle University Durham County Council, £67,000, Jan-17-May-20, contact: Nicola Heslehurst
  • Addressing the impact of parental substance misuse on children, Public Health England, £59,903, Jan-17-Jun-17, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • SILVER: Smart Interventions for Local Vulnerable Families, Public Health Research Programme, £399,797, Jan-17-Jan-19, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Socio-ecological influences on adolescent alcohol use and linked unhealthy eating behaviours: systematic review and synthesis of qualitative studies, Fuse Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, £2,030, Jan-17-Jan-18, contact: Stephanie Scott


  • PROMOTE NE: Needs assessment of Young People's Mental Health, Institute for Local Governance, £44,000, 2016-2017, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Developing family-involved interventions for young people with alcohol use disorders and other linked mental health problems, Institute for Local Governance £39,452, Jan-16-Dec-16, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • Exploring the evidence base for tier 3 weight management services for adults and children: a scoping review underpinned by qualitative case studies, Public Health England, £47,778, Feb-16-Jul-16, contact: Tamara Brown
  • NIHR PHR Project: SOLID (Supporting Looked after children In Decreasing Drugs, and alcohol): A Multi-centre external pilot randomised controlled trial to decrease risky substance use (drugs and alcohol) and enhance mental health and well-being of looked after children, NIHR/BRC, £501,794, Mar-16-Dec-17, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Wolfson Research Institute small grants scheme, Durham University, £2,620, Mar-16-Jul-16, contact: Shelina Visram
  • Dept of Health PRP Public Health Research Consortium, Department of Health, £174,913.00, Apr-16-Sep-17, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Maternal Mental Health in Rural Communities, North Yorkshire County Council,£40,000, May-16-May-18, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • The effect of physical activity on fluoride metabolism in children: a feasibility study, FAPESP, £17,179.00, Jul-16-Sep-16, contact: Liane Azevedo
  • Implementation and Evaluation of the Children and Young People's Health Partnership (CYPHP) Evelina Model of Care, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity £7,650,000, Jul-16-Jul-19, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Alcohol Perceptions Survey, Balance North East £24,998, Oct-16-Mar-17, contact: Dorothy Newbury-Birch
  • Early years physical activity to promote fundamental motor skills – feasibility study to evaluate an existing training programme for early years practitioners Middlesbrough Borough Council and Fuse, £10,850.00, Oct-16-Oct-17, contact: Liane Azevedo
  • ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) Economic and Social Research Council, £82,260, Oct-16-Apr-20, contact: Nicola Heslehurst
  • Research Excellence Academy Newcastle University, £71,373 Oct-16-Sep-19, contact: Nicola Heslehurst


  • Resilience Project (Recognition, rEsponse and Structure: achIeving heaLthy chIldren in thE Northeast and north Cumbrian comminitiEs) Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria, £140,000, 2015-2017, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Developing family involved interventions for young people with alcohol use disorders and other linked mental health problems, Alcohol Research UK, £21,000, 2015-2017, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • A multi-centre cluster-randomised controlled trial of screening and brief alcohol intervention to prevent risky drinking in young people aged 14-15 in a high school setting- SIPS JR-HIGH, NIHR/BRC, £872,485, Jan-15-Jan-18, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Fellowship, Murdoch Children's Research Centre, £25,00,0 Jan-15-Dec-16, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Mental health issues of children and young people, Institute for Local Governance, £39,452, Jan-15-Dec-16, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Evaluation of a Fairer Start, an early years intervention to improve cognitive, social and emotional development, speech, language and nutrition in children from conception to age 3 - specific allocation, NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-On-Tees CCG and Stockton Borough Council £51,000 May-15-May-18 Janet Shucksmith
  • AHSN Sick Child Pathway: Resilience, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, £13,742, Jun-15-Jun-16, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria. The RESILIENCE project (Recognition, rEsponse and Structure, achieving heaLthy children in thE Northeast and north Cumbria, ahn nenc, £246,319, Jun-15-May-16, contact: Falko Sniehotta
  • Baby Buddy multisite evaluation. Best Beginnings. Big Lottery Fund, £130,000, Jul-15-Feb-17, contact: Raghu Lingam
  • Evaluation of a Fairer Start, Catalyst North East £56,000, Aug-15-Jul-18, contact: Rosemary Rushmer
  • Embedded Research to explore how local authorities can support local communities to encourage health in children and tackle childhood obesity, Gateshead Counci,l £110,000, Aug-15-Sep-17, contact: Rosemary Rushmer
  • Supporting look after children aged 12 -20 in decreasing risky substance use and improving mental health, Public Health Research (PHR) Programme £11,000 Sep-15-Feb-16 Janet Shucksmith
  • EPSRC Digital Economy Research Centre Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), £451,357.00, Nov-15-Oct-20, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Scoping exercise to look at trends in mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 14-19, patterns of service provision and identification of best bet interventions - specific allocation, Association of North East Councils through the Institute of Local Governance (ILG) £40,000 Nov-15-Oct-16 Janet Shucksmith


  • Director of Public Health - Sunderland (NPRI), Sunderland City Council, £10,000.00, Jan-14-Jan-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Director of Public Health - Gateshead (NPRI), Gateshead Council, £4,000.00, Jan-14-Jan-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Chief Scientist Office project grant (GMS - 2) Chief Scientist Officer, £220,991.00, Jan-14-Sep-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Director of Public Health - Redcar and Cleveland (NPRI) Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, £4,000.00, Jan-14-Jan-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Director of Public Health - Newcastle (NPRI) Newcastle City Council, £1000, Jan-14-Jan-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Director of Public Health - North Tyneside (NPRI) North Tyneside Counci, £4,000.00, Jan-14-Jan-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • The development and implementation of an internet-based intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in secondary schoolchildren in Redcar and Cleveland. Redcar and Cleveland School Sport Partnership, £33,000.00, Jan-14-Jun-15, contact: Liane Azevedo
  • Early Postdoctoral fellowship Brief interventions to reduce hazardous and armful drinking in parents of children referred to children's social care, NIHR, £310,315, Jan-14-Dec-19, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), £4,707,329.00, Apr-14-Mar-19, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Research Programme, The Children's Foundation, £14,862, Jun-14-May-15, Amelia Lake
  • Child health research programme 2013-14, The Children's Foundation £14,862, Jun-14-May-15, contact: Shelina Visram
  • Evaluation of Ur Choice school relationships and sex education programme - Specific allocation, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, £30,000 Nov-14 Sep-17, Janet Shucksmith


  • Natural experimental evaluation of a complex intervention (babyClear) to promote increased smoking cessation rates among pregnant women, NIHR SPHR, £27,818, May-13-Jul-16, contact: Ruth Bell
  • The effect of sedentary behaviour interventions on body mass index and body composition in children: a meta-analysis and meta-regression. Teesside University, £9,996.00, Sep-13-Sep-14, contact: Liane Azevedo
  • The effect of sedentary behaviour interventions on body mass index and body composition in children: a meta-analysis and meta-regression. FUSE Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, £21,550.00, Jul-13-Dec-14, contact: Liane Azevedo
  • NIHR Research Design Service North East, NIHR, £5,011,816, Oct-13-Sep-18, contact: Falko Sniehotta


  • FSA Scotland (INTAKE24) Food Standards Agency Scotland, £629,040.00, Jan-12-Feb-14, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Adamson Ashley SPHR 1 NIHR    Apr-12 Mar-17
  • NPRI - MRC Parental perceptions of obesity, Medical Research Council (MRC), £471,298.00, Apr-12-Jan-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • NIHR SPHR, UK Clinical Research Collaboration, £2,113,676.00, Apr-12-Mar-17, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • How can we help parents recognise unhealthy body weight in their children, MRC, Apr-12-Jul-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • National Prevention Research Initiative: Development and stage 2 RCT with internal pilot of a weight loss maintenance intervention for obese adults after clinically significant weight loss Medical Research Council (MRC), £565,848.00, Sep-12-Aug-15, contact: Ashley Adamson
  • Health Technology Assessment: Parental incentives and quasi-mandatory schemes for increasing uptake of immunisations in pre-school children, NIHR, £275,419, Sep-12-Jul-14, contact: Falko Sniehotta
  • Prevention of Obesity in Pre-School Years, £134,978, Sep-12-Jan-17, contact: Carolyn Summberbell


  • Developing and evaluating interventions for adolescent alcohol use disorders presenting through emergency departments, Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR), £1,999,700, Jan-11-Jan-16, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • Brief alcohol intervention to reduce risky drinking in pregnancy: a pilot randomised controlled trial, NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB), £247,717, Jan-11-Dec-14, contact: Eileen Kaner
  • A feasibility trial of screening and brief alcohol intervention to prevent hazardous drinking in young people aged 14-15 in a high school setting- SIPS JR-HIGH, Public Health Research (PHR) Programme, £308,070, Jan-11-Dec-14, contact: Eileen Kaner





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Addressing the impact of nondependent parental substance misuse upon children PDF 1,594Kb

A rapid review of the evidence of prevalence, impact and effective interventions