Progress and Pathways



UKCRC 29 June 2017, Royal College of Physicians, London

Conference Dinner, 28 June 2017

The conference is co-hosted by DECIPHer, Fuse, and the Centre of Excellence for Public Health Northern Ireland and in partnership with CEDAR, UKCTAS and SCPHRP. This year the event will focus on the successes of the UKCRC initiative over the last nine years, showcasing the achievements of the five public health research Centres in relation to three themes: capacity development, systems change and partnerships; and impact through innovation.

The one day conference will be an opportunity for public health researchers, policy makers, practitioners and funders across the UK to exchange knowledge on world class research, innovative public health practices and successful collaborations. The conference will also discuss challenges for the future of public health research in the UK and will facilitate a dialogue about new partnerships and funding opportunities to sustain the work of the five Centres of Excellence for Public Health after 2018.