Fuse led Behaviour Change Masterclass

Behaviour change has become one of the most prominent topics of discussion within academic and lay circles in recent times.

This masterclass, led by experts from Fuse, will cover issues relevant to interventions to change various behaviours related to health and wellbeing, inequality, and sustainability. It will provide practical guidance for developing, implementing and evaluating behaviour change interventions in your area of interest.

This course will cover issues relevant to interventions to change behaviours:

  • Good scientific practice in developing and testing behaviour interventions
  • Using theory to guide intervention development
  • Assessing and maximising fidelity of treatment
  • Assessing what works and for who.


  • Introduction to behavioural science
  • Behavioural analysis and behavioural diagnosis
  • Methodological considerations for intervention development
  • Methods of intervention testing and evaluation
  • Inequalities in health and behaviour change
  • The unintended consequences of behaviour change interventions
  • Engaging the public and differing specialities in the design and implementation of behaviour change interventions (co-production).

Learn from the best

The course will be led by Dr Angela Rodrigues, co-lead of the Fuse Behaviour Change Research Cluster. The teaching team will also include researchers with empirical and methodological expertise related to behaviour change and public health, including Dr Shelina Visram, co-lead of the Fuse Health Inequalities Research Cluster from Newcastle University, and Dr Grant McGeechan from Teesside University. 

Dr Angela Rodrigues is an Associate Professor in Health Psychology at Northumbria University and has experience in the area of developing and evaluating complex interventions for behaviour change, with a specific focus on theory-and evidence-based interventions.

The Fuse teaching team works alongside other behaviour change experts in the North East of England and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North East and North Cumbria (NENC).

The short-course will be delivered face-to-face in the Business Hub, Sandyford Building, Northumbria University and take place 28 November and 29 November 2023 (2 Days).

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