Behaviour change

Behaviour change 2018The behaviour change cluster provides a platform for research into the development, evaluation and translation of public health interventions to help people change their behaviour to improve their health.

Based on national public health priorities, our research focuses on physical activity, diet, risky behaviours such as smoking and drinking alcohol, and health care habits. We have strong links to the other Fuse research clusters to support behaviour change in early life and adolescence and later life; to explore the relationship between behaviour change and inequalities; and to translate findings for our policy and practice partners in the NHS, local government and other public, private and voluntary organisations.

We collaborate with the NIHR School for Public Health Research through their Alcohol and Ageing themes, and the Public Health Research Consortium (PHRC).

The cluster objectives are to:

  • Advance methods for the development, evaluation and translation of public health behaviour change interventions.
  • Use and share the findings from studies within the cluster to advance the field of behaviour change research.
  • Develop the evidence base for arranging and tailoring interventions for individuals and the wider community.
  • Develop interventions to maintain healthy behaviour changes, in particular leading to weight loss among overweight people who have shown initial weight loss.
  • Generate understanding about how unhealthy behaviours can best be changed in disadvantaged populations, including the role of public engagement strategies. 
  • Develop targeted digital interventions to promote healthy behaviour in key groups, including older adults.


Dr Angela Rodrigues - Co-lead, Northumbria University

Dr Emma Giles - Co-lead, Teesside University

Fuse Behaviour Change Research Cluster strategy PDF 610Kb

Fuse Behaviour Change Research Cluster strategy

Evaluating The CURE Project stop smoking service

A qualitative study with behavioural analysis of The CURE Project which delivers stop smoking services in hospitals and other secondary care settings.

Last modified: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 21:56:22 GMT

Lifestyle behaviour change for children and families

An evaluation of a face-to-face and digital weight management intervention (e-intervention) for children and families.

Last modified: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 23:11:24 GMT

A Weight off Your Mind

Evaluation of an element of the 'A Weight Off Your Mind' (AWoYM) intervention, currently being implemented in two NHS mental health and learning disability Trusts in North East England.

Last modified: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 17:02:23 GMT