Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme

Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme

The wider NIHR SPHR’s goal is to produce high quality evidence for public health practice to improve population health and reduce health inequalities. To achieve this, the School must address the challenges faced by public health practitioners working on the ‘front line’ – in the NHS, in local authority public health teams, in other local authority departments including social care, schools and transport and in the third sector.

To help us respond to these challenges the school have set up the Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme (PHPES).  PHPES enables people working in public health who are introducing innovative initiatives aimed at improving health, to work in partnership with SPHR to conduct rigorous evaluations of their cost-effectiveness. The scheme is particularly focused on local public health initiatives, rather than projects that are part of national programmes.

Fuse is leading two projects as part of the Public Health Practice Evaluation Scheme: 

and contributing to: