Two Doctoral Training Studentships in Digital Civics

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Digital Civics ( at Newcastle University trains doctoral students in the design, deployment and evaluation of community-driven digital technologies and services. Whether it is through the redesign of local services within communities, or rethinking how citizens can and do interact with local government, technology innovation and design has a critical role to play in enabling digitally connected citizens and communities. The CDT began in September 2014 and will train a minimum of 57 doctoral students over five annual intakes.

The CDT in Digital Civics brings together a wealth of expertise at Newcastle University, and is delivered by Open Lab (, Newcastle University’s center of excellence in human-computer interaction and social and ubiquitous computing, and collaborations with experts in teaching and learning (Centre for Learning and Teaching (Íž planning (Global Urban Research Unit) ( and public health and social care (Institute for Health & Society ( Doctoral trainees will be supervised by a multi-disciplinary committee of academics from these centers, and will be expected to undertake projects in either fundamental technology innovation or the application of digital technology to learning, public health, social care or local democracy.

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Closing date for applications: 1 July 2018

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