Volunteers needed to examine the effects of exercise on fluoride in adults

Researchers at Teesside University are conducting a study to examine the effects of exercise on fluoride metabolism in adults.

Dental caries (tooth decay or cavities) remains a substantial global public health problem. Exposure to low levels of fluoride has been shown to reduce dental caries by 50 per cent. However, dental fluorosis (mottled enamel) may occur as a result of excess fluoride ingestion and retention during tooth formation.  Rates of fluoride ingestion, absorption, excretion and retention (i.e. metabolism) can be altered by several factors, including exercise.

The research team will need you to visit the University labs on five occasions, for approximately two hours per session. To thank you for your help with the project they will give you a £100 gift voucher for ‘Love 2 Shop’.

If you and/or any friends or relatives are interested in taking part and would like further information, please contact Maria Sajjad on 01642 738314 or email: m.sajjad@tees.ac.uk.

Last modified: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 09:13:34 BST