Protecting mental health: call for Frontiers Innovators - Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is interested in exploring whether there is more that can do to accelerate research in mental health, specifically for the prevention and early detection of anxiety and depression. At this Frontiers meeting the Trust would like to:

  • define the research gaps and opportunities for building an evidence base for the prevention and early detection of depression and anxiety
  • identify what is needed to help translate this research into policy and health initiatives. 

Wellcome is keen to hear new voices on the subject of mental health and is inviting early-career researchers and young professionals to apply to become a Frontiers Innovator. Frontiers Innovators are a core part of the Frontiers meetings. The Trust wants you to share your experiences and knowledge, drive conversations and help devise fresh solutions with other innovators and experts in the field. You can come from academia, industry, education or work in any sector relevant to the topic. For example, you could be a psychiatrist, social scientist, policy maker, or work in the education or technology sector.

The Trust will cover the travel and accommodation costs for up to seven Frontiers Innovators to attend the meeting. All other participants are by invitation only.

For academics, Wellcome is looking for researchers who have just completed their PhD, postdocs, newly appointed fellows/lecturers and junior group leaders. Outside academia, it is looking for people in the first ten years of their career.  Career breaks will be taken into account.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and a response to the following questions to F.Innovators@wellcome.ac.uk by Monday 1 August 2016:

  1. Why is the meeting relevant for you and what expertise would you bring?
  2. What are three major challenges that are hindering advances for the prevention and early detection of anxiety and depression?
  3. What could be done in the next three to five years to drive progress in this area? For example you might describe what research questions need to be addressed and what resource is needed to support this. 

Your response can be submitted as a:

  • Word document or PDF that’s no longer than one side of A4
  • A video summary that’s no longer than three minutes.

You can either upload your video to the web and send us the link, or submit it directly using a large data transfer site such as WeTransfer.

Wellcome will be in touch by the end of August to let you know if your application has been successful.


If you have any questions about the application or the meeting, please email h.baines@wellcome.ac.uk.

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