Publication of the joint review of drug and alcohol commissioning

This is the letter from Duncan Selbie and Dr Janet Atherton about the publication of the joint review of drug and alcohol commissioning conducted by Public Heath England and the Association of Directors of Public Health. You can also read a PDF version of the Review of drug and alcohol commissioning letter

3 October 2014

Dear Colleague

We are pleased to enclose a copy of our joint report, published today, which provides a snapshot review of drug and alcohol services commissioning across local authorities in England. There had been some speculation that local authorities might not be fully committed to investing in drug and alcohol recovery services but it is now clear that the vast majority have firmly grasped the baton and are vigorously taking forward the recovery agenda.

The review shows that so far about one third of local authorities have undertaken a root and branch review and are seeking to make them more efficient, while a number are spending the same amount of money to achieve more ambitious outcomes. Understandably, they are looking hard at what they are getting for their money and they, and we, wish to see drug and alcohol recovery rates improve year on year.

This report has been a useful first step in the development of sector led improvement for public health and we hope local authorities will grasp the learning in the report to improve outcomes for people with drug and alcohol problems. We are committed to working with directors of public health and other key stakeholders to support them on the improvement journey.

Best wishes

Duncan Selbie Chief Executive Public Heath England, Dr Janet Atherton President Association Directors of Public Health

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