How AskFuse works

We will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt and indicate next steps in the brokerage process.

If your request is within the scope of AskFuse, we will contact you for a follow up conversation (either by phone or by email) to clarify your needs and develop a research brief for Fuse researchers.

Once the brief has been agreed with you, it will be circulated to relevant Fuse researchers to gauge their interest and capacity to respond. Fuse researchers are generally asked to respond within five working days.

If multiple expressions of interest are received, the AskFuse manager will encourage a collaborative response from the researchers to make the best use of the available expertise and evidence. This will result in a proposal of work with clear deliverables timelines and a budget, if applicable.

Depending on the available budget and resources, we could advise you on external funding opportunities and support you in developing a funding application.

When you agree with proposal and sufficient funding has been secured, the research will start and you will be kept up to date regularly of the progress and will hopefully be actively involved in shaping, doing and disseminating the research.

This process is illustrated in the flow chart below. We endeavour to tailor the requested support to your needs and therefore each process will be unique to your enquiry.

AskFuse flow chart