Parkinson's Disease Survey - Your Views

As part of an ongoing PhD project, Fuse Associate Philip Hodgson, is currently collecting the views of physiotherapists, people with Parkinson's and carers about the relationship between the physical and psychological symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Both physical and psychological symptoms of Parkinson’s can have a profound impact on an individual’s daily function and quality of life, with this impact increasing as the condition progresses. The relationship between common physical and psychological symptoms has not been explored in detail and this project aims to increase our understanding of any psycho-physical symptom interactions that may occur.
Physiotherapists working with people living with Parkinson’s have first-hand experience of the many challenges posed by both physical and psychological symptoms of the condition, including how these symptoms may interact with one another. This experience is shared by people living with Parkinson's and their family members/carers, and views from both groups are being collected via specifically designed online surveys.
Please consider completing the surveys relevant to your own situation. Please feel free to contact Philip directly at or should you have any questions.
Links to the active surveys:

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