How do socioeconomic inequalities affect health in pregnancy?

Discover how a Fuse collaboration between Newcastle University and Public Health Wales has helped to determine how socioeconomic inequalities affect health in pregnancy.

In the latest episode of the From Newcastle Podcast Dr Nicola Heslehurst, co-lead of the Fuse Early Life and Adolescence Research Programme and Senior Lecturer in Maternal Nutrition at Newcastle University, and Amy McNaughton Public Health Consultant at Public Health Wales discuss Health Inequalities in Pregnancy.

The collaboration was forged through AskFuse, our response and evaluation service for our policy and practice partners.

More information about the project can be found in our Fuse policy brief and in BMJ Open. Discover how Fuse can help policy and practice partners and submit an enquiry to AskFuse.


Last modified: Mon, 06 Jun 2022 17:28:08 BST